It takes courage to change a society! This is the first time we have approached the public with a personal message and information on this website. It comes in the form of a request and an invitation: if we want to change something in a society that is broken like ours, we need to take action and not just make ourselves aware of what is wrong.

So, let's take action together. The path ahead is now open. It starts with regaining of our sovereignty and our rights, continues to protecting our values and ends with the freedom that the parliamentary monarchy will give us in a new form of society. We will not be able to publish a step-by-step guide, because everyone is called upon to acquire the necessary knowledge themselves. But we will offer every conceivable assistance.

Repeatedly attacked and defamed by the FRG, I have done my best to clear up these prejudices and refute them. Anyone seeking to see and understand, will now be able to do so with our easily accessible information.

But to all those who intend to keep up their counter-attacks should know that even a Grand Duke, just like any other person, is not required to expose themselves in front of everyone.

I received an inheritance that would have provided financial security to my family for generations. But what use is a private fortune in a society in which life is becoming increasingly difficult, social conditions are visibly deteriorating for everyone, in which love of – and pride in – one's homeland have fallen into disrepute and many values are no longer cultivated and taught?

This is precisely what prompted me to commit my fortune and my life to building up the Grand Duchies.

What are the hallmarks of society in which cohesion is entirely absent?

To the eternal doubters, I am not pursuing my goal alone and without a plan.

My ideals are confronted with an entire nation that has been utterly manipulated for decades. The path we have travelled is rocky and arduous, and it requires us to exercise considerable patience with our fellow human beings. And I was and remain willing to proceed along this path, despite all the challenges.

Human beings are vested with free will. My views are accompanied and supported by people who have come to realise this and whose actions bolster and protect me.

I have the well-founded hope and firm belief that everything will turn out well for the people of Mecklenburg, Pomerania and Prussia.


His Royal Highness
Grand Duke Friedrich Maik

issued in schwerin/mecklenburg on the first day of June 2024

His Royal Highness Grand Duke Friedrich Maik ® ™ 2024
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Namensrechte sind urheberrechtlich geschützt

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