The Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin is always a welcome change of scenery, no matter where you come from. Nature reserves still exist here, and everything seems to move at a more leisurely pace. The fresh green meadows and rolling hills are anything other than monotonous. The lake district contrasts the sometimes soft and sometimes rugged Baltic Sea coast, and Mecklenburg's towns connect these landscapes like a string of pearls. If the Lord God created paradise, he probably did so in Mecklenburg. Names such as Fritz Reuter, Rudolf Tarnow, John Brinckman, Ernst Barlach and Georg Friedrich Kersting are an integral part of our history. Our original language is Platt or Low German. It sounds somewhat homely and cosy, and it was already the language of the north in the Middle Ages. But ‘Platt’ should not be equated with flat, as the name simply indicates how easy it is to understand.

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