We have read a lot about our history on the previous pages. It is obvious to us that some texts are difficult to understand and that we are unfamiliar with many things because we have never been taught them. This is an attempt to provide an easily understandable summary.

The chronicles prove that the history of Germany and Europe goes back much further than we realise. The land was larger and nature was more diverse and purer in its origins. There was enough for everyone. People lived freely under God's heaven. If God created the Garden of Eden, we can assume it to be here in central Germany.

The chronicles also state that the biblical flood (there were several natural disasters) must have taken place here in central Europe in the area towards the North Sea. We now know with a fair degree of certainty that large parts of the Bible are forged. (This is proven by several scholarly articles by biblical and historical scholars ››› e.g. Peter Freiherr von Liechtenstein).

Why was the Bible falsified? Man's greatest weapon is manipulation. This fact is evident and plan to see in our current decade, triggered by momentary crises. Attacking a politician in public is a conceivable scenario. However, publicly defaming a representative of the faith was an unthinkable offence in previous centuries. So the Bible writings were used for manipulation. It is worth noting that we are not encouraged to worship the irrepressible power of Jesus, and are instead taught to honour and celebrate his suffering. The satanic origins are already recognisable here.

But back to our story. The Frya people, or the Free Children of Frya, did not worship an idol but their ancestral mother, who was a human being of flesh and blood. Even thousands of years ago, priests were viewed with suspicion and considered occult practitioners.

Just as the Holy Roman Empire once fell – Rome remained as a major city in what is now Italy – the same fate must have befallen the peoples of the north and the Frisians, as their culture spread as far as Greece and the Ionian Islands, for example. Archaeological finds prove that the oldest discoveries were made in the area of the North Sea coast.

Languages also developed across Europe and – with two exceptions (Finnish and Hungarian) – remain similar today.

To continue our summary, only Fryasburg Castle survived the natural disasters of the time. It was Friso who lent fresh splendour to the Frisian dynasty. Which brings us to the legend of time circa 50 B.C. It was during this period that the so-called black nobility emerged.

It is very interesting to read that this also has its origins in a single person, namely Adela, the son of Friso, who ruled with cunning, lies and cruelty. This is where the black nobility differs from the white nobility. While the black nobility drew on the assistance of the church, dominated the people, plundered and sucked them dry for their own prosperity, the white nobility was always chosen by the people and perceived themselves as ‘servants’ of the people. There was no need for a church or for usurping power; sovereigns were appointed by God and the people.

The black aristocracy continues to rule to this day. They include families such as the von Finck, Thurn und Taxis, Thyssen-Bomemisza, Guelph (Britain), Wettin (Belgium), Bemadotte (Sweden), Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein), Oldenburg (Denmark), Hohenzollern (Germany), Hanover (Germany), Bourbon (France), Orange (Netherlands), Grimaldi (Monaco), Wittelsbach (Germany), Braganza (Portugal), Nassau (Luxembourg), Habsburg (Austria), Savoy (Italy), Karadjordjevic (Yugoslavia), Württemberg (Germany) or Zogu (Albania). And they all have one thing in common: The ability to hold onto mysterious wealth for hundreds of years. Over the centuries, however, their methods of exercising power have built on lies, deceit and murder. And regardless of whether they are friends or enemies, they all safeguard their assets in bank accounts in Switzerland that are managed by Freemasons. Even if there may well be untainted and upstanding humans in their ranks today, they are all united by their history.

Grand Duke Friedrich Maik distances himself from the black nobility, as he abides by the principles of the white nobility in accordance with his origins and ancestors.

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