The Grand Duke is both head of the region and the family. The Grand Ducal family has issued its own laws for centuries. According to House Law, the Grand Duke watches over the ‘reputation, honour and welfare’ of the duchies.

We are aware that the material published here is still very disconcerting for many people. That is why we want to provide detailed information about everything so that you can gain an impression and recognise that everyone living here will benefit from the structures we are striving for in Mecklenburg and Pomerania and that they represent a genuine alternative to the policies currently in force.

It is my ardent hope that the people living here will support me, as the development of the duchies can only lead to the success that I and many people with me aspire to achieve – provided we work together. Courage and fortitude are the virtues we need now.

I can assure you that I already enjoy the support of many, many people.

  • Biography

    How did it come about that there is a Grand Duke Friedrich Maik in Mecklenburg and Pomerania? Why is there nothing in the history books about Grand Duke Friedrich Maik as a native descendant? You can find answers to these and other questions here.

  • Proclamation

    A proclamation declares what a person would like. In his proclamation, Grand Duke Friedrich Maik referred to international law. Among other things, his formal declaration set out his views or intentions towards the international community in general.

  • Anointing as king

    Being anointed by God is not a feeling. It means the power, authority, strength and might of God to realise the plans and will of God in the power of the Holy Spirit ... It has nothing to do with religious rituals and ordination of men, which are human rituals ... The eternal God is a God with whom we have a personal relationship ...

  • Royal title

    His Royal Highness ... or Her Royal Highness ... Once the title is conferred, it remains forever. It is a royal honour that the Grand Duke has acquired not least through his birth, anointing and recognition.

  • Recognition

    Grand Duke Friedrich Maik is the biological grandson of Grand Duke Friedrich Adolf VI. zu Strelitz and thus his rightful heir. To this day, the biological genetic material lives on in its children.

  • Insignia

    Linked to the legacy is the handover of the original insignia such as medals, epaulettes and decorations, of which we provide an example here. With the insignia we embark on a journey of discovery into history.

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