Welcome to the website of the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, the Duchy of Pomerania and the Kingdom of Prussia.

The Grand Duchy has centuries of history and engages with the local community in a wide variety of ways. It is my intention to work with the people of the region to restore the duchies to their former glory. A matter of particular concern to me is that all citizens should come together once again as human beings, as building and embracing the life that we aspire to achieve will only be possible through communal effort.

It is important to know and accept the underlying history. On the following pages, we not only provide information on the history of the Grand Duchy, but also explain the territorial form of the monarchy, answer recurring questions and keep you up to date on current developments.

  • Grand Ducal House

    The Grand Duke is both head of the region and the family. The Grand Ducal family has issued its own laws for centuries. According to House Law, the Grand Duke watches over the ‘reputation, honour and welfare’ of the duchies.

  • The duchies

    Anyone with eyes to see can and will enjoy the reserved beauty of Mecklenburg and Pomerania, the harmonious transitions from forest landscapes to undulating fields, surrounded by lakes and the Baltic Sea ...

  • The history

    How did our ancestors live? When did our story begin? What happened for there to be a Grand Duke Friedrich Maik in Mecklenburg and Pomerania? Let us now delve into the past so that we can live in the present and shape the future.

  • Monarchy

    The Grand Duchy is a unique monarchy. The Grand Duke and the people jointly exercise territorial authority. Allow me to explain this form of territorial sovereignty to make it easier for you to make an active decision in its favour.

  • Anthem

    Our Grand Duchy has an anthem. Many will already be familiar with the melody. The anthem used by the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Principality of Liechtenstein originated in the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. The composer is unknown.

  • Organisation and services

    The path to monarchy is rooted in the sovereignty of each individual. A long road lies ahead of us, which we want to shape peacefully. We offer active support along the way. In our office, we answer many questions and offer help wherever it is needed.

Emergency Act 2023 (Social Compensation Law/Equalisation of Burdens)

What are the brutal consequences of the Equalisation of Burdens?

From 2024, the state will be able to enter a compulsory mortgage in your land register. And once this process has occurred, it is virtually irreversible. The worst-case scenario will be foreclosure if you are unable to make the sizeable payments on this additional charge in the land register.

And what makes this particularly difficult:

We are now moving into foreclosure law. It means that the state may opt to bring in an insolvency administrator ...

... an office that is vested with very significant powers.

The administrator can erase entries in the land register that you believed to be safe, opening the door to third-party access.

The point is:

Where these measures are in place, you will require very particular protection strategies.
And we will discuss these protection strategies in greater detail and with no charge.

Just reach out to us!

Statement from 1 May 2024

The mainstream media and the internet are currently awash with very dubious news about me and my origins. I acknowledge that this must be very unsettling for the population. Rest assured that I am neither a Reichbürger, sometimes known as ‘sovereign citizens’, nor do I have anything whatsoever to do with their alleged scene. There has never been an enquiry from German journalists or even an interview with the people who are organising this smear campaign against me. This is why I have posted my CV on the website, alongside the history of my ancestors, an explanation of how society works under a parliamentary monarchy and similar things, so that everyone is able to form their own opinion. With the legacy I have inherited, I perceive myself – true to the principles upheld by my ancestors – as the ‘first servant of the people’. At the moment, I am refraining from taking legal action in the knowledge that the conduct of these so-called journalists is based on pure ignorance.

A grammatical footnote to this website:

We have a wonderful, multi-faceted mother tongue and that is German! We do not participate in ‘gendering’, nor do we wish to promote the unnecessary use of so-called Anglicisms. It is our view that these trends are undermine and distort all the rules of our beautiful mother tongue. Rest assured that the long-established ‘generic masculine’ always includes both genders. Furthermore, we will try to use the pre-1996 orthographic rules. The older ones among us learnt all this back in the day, which is why it doesn't really need any explanation. From time to time you will also find Platt or Low German on our website. Let us not let this language die, bearing in mind the different nuances inherent to Plattdeutsch, as it is also spoken differently in the different regions of the Grand Duchies and the Duchy.

His Royal Highness Grand Duke Friedrich Maik ® ™ 2024
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Namensrechte sind urheberrechtlich geschützt

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