Our world is in turmoil. It is experienced by many of us as a vortex in time.

Do you have worries and problems and need help? We would like to offer precisely the assistance you need. Just reach out confidentially to our office.

Schlomann-Schwerin Jana is honorary secretary in the Grand Ducal Office.

+49 3842 359 4011
+49 178 265 1407
(Office opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm)

Postfach 110119
Schwerin/ Meckl. 19001


She deals with appointments, all matters concerning the Grand Duke and enquiries from citizens.

She also organises the regular meetings and manages the Grand Duke's diary.

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Emergency Act 2023 (Social Compensation Law/Equalisation of Burdens)

What are the brutal consequences of the Equalisation of Burdens?

From 2024, the state will be able to enter a compulsory mortgage in your land register. And once this process has occurred, it is virtually irreversible. The worst-case scenario will be foreclosure if you are unable to make the sizeable payments on this additional charge in the land register.

And what makes this particularly difficult:

We are now moving into foreclosure law. It means that the state may opt to bring in an insolvency administrator ...

... an office that is vested with very significant powers.

The administrator can erase entries in the land register that you believed to be safe, opening the door to third-party access.

The point is:

Where these measures are in place, you will require very particular protection strategies.
And we will discuss these protection strategies in greater detail and with no charge.

Just reach out to us!

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