Prussia has an ancient history that can be traced back centuries. Not all territories were absorbed into the kingdom in the 18th century. Prussia is a legendary part of German history, shaped by clichés such as a focus on duty, obedience, a love of order and the military, but also by tolerance and religious freedom. This legend continues to the present day, as many monuments and buildings still bear witness to Prussia's glory. Prussian territories are mainly located in Schleswig-Holstein and to the west and south-west, stretching as far as the borders of the Netherlands and into Denmark in the north. Probably the most famous historical event was the storming of the Düppel redoubts in the south of Denmark. In its wake, the Danes were forced to cede the Duchy of Schleswig, the Duchy of Holstein and the Duchy of Saxony-Lauenburg to the Prussians – entering the annals of history as the Prussian-Austrian condominium.

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